11 State Circle, Forrest

Unearth something truly rare.

Some search their whole lives for sanctuary, that place where we feel completely at home. It’s all about balance – that rare fusion of space, belonging and design.

Unearth that elusive combination in 11 State Circle’s nine luxury residences, where a Parliamentary Triangle location, expansive three-bedroom, three-bathroom footprint, and exquisite people-centric design combine in perfect harmony.

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    State circle facade

Rare in nature

A limited opportunity with only 9 individual luxury homes.

There’s a moment in time when everything is perfectly aligned. When your senses are tuned into your surroundings, when your breath slows and you feel like you belong – that’s when the magic happens.

It’s in the gleam of timber, the feel of cool stone at your fingertips, the dance of dappled light. Craftsmanship, curated materials, thoughtful layouts, and high quality inclusions come together in perfect harmony.

11 State Circle – where all the elements combine to create a home you’ll never want to leave

  • A rare experience
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    State Circle 1928
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    An aerial view of the Red Hill area of Canberra, 1967
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    Completion of Sir Lenox’ flats, 1963

A rare history

Sitting just a stone’s throw from Parliament House in Forrest, 11 State Circle’s rarified position is steeped in political history.

Purchased by Sir Cyrus Lenox Simson Hewitt (Sir Lenox) in 1962 for £100, the piece of land would soon become home, as he balanced his role of owner-builder with that of secretary of the Prime Minister’s Department during the Gorton Government. His blue 1935 Chevrolet was a familiar sight to locals as he travelled State Circle between the building site and work in Barton.

Keggins will continue the narrative of 11 State Circle, building on the history of the iconic piece of land, with the past influencing the present. The site’s original structure, built by Sir Lenox and a crew of tradesmen from across the world, was designed with a European aesthetic to evoke memories of Geneva, which the Hewitts had once called home.

This global flavour lives on in the work of renowned Melbourne architects Parallel Workshop. Like its predecessor, the new development of nine expansive residences will incorporate sustainable, people-centric design with family and a strong connection to the local area at its heart.

It’s a fitting next chapter for such a rare piece of land.

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    Never before seen, and never to be repeated in this iconic location

A rare collaboration

Creating something of rare beauty and quality demands the use of the best quality materials. The same principle applies to the creators themselves.

11 State Circle will bring Australia’s best architects and builders together to realise Keggins’ vision for this iconic location.

Designed by Parallel Workshop Architects – a Melbourne-based design house known for their layered approach to crafting spaces – the residences will enhance lifestyle and experience. A team of Canberra’s best craftspeople will bring the concept to life, from blueprint to build.

Inspired by nature, and designed to fit effortlessly into its surrounds, 11 State Circle is testament to Keggins’ commitment to creating unique and innovative spaces against the Canberra landscape.


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